Mommy's DeSign Farm is partnering with groups like yours to fundraise in a fun and fast way. We understand groups are always looking for new and exciting fundraisers, we are here to help. Our fundraisers operate exactly like our regular sign party workshops.
  • All you need is covered tables for easy clean up. (traveling parties only)
  • We give you up to 3 hours of instruction time with a lead instructor!
  • Our creative and energetic instructors help guide you step by step!
  • We provide all of the materials needed which includes over 35 paint/stain colors.
  • Each guest will leave with a beautiful, classic wooden piece to adorn his or her 

RAISING MONEY for your cause: 

Our base price for all standard signs are $29.00, what we add to the base price is what your group earns.

Example: if you would like to earn $10.00 off each sign purchased then we will charge $39.00 etc.
We recommend not pricing the signs over $49 but that is entirely up to you.
Our most successful groups earn $10 off each sign purchased. An event with 50 participants earns your group $500.
Sign Designs:

You will receive access to our party design gallery that has over 1000 designs about a month before the party date. The advantage of the online ordering is you don't have to keep track of who has signed up.


If you would like to keep complete track of who signed up and collect the money. Then fliers are a great option for you. You can pick 4 to 6 designs choices for the party from our party design gallery and make a custom flyer for guest to pick and pay for their choices.

Minimum Requirements: 

10  sign minimum ($29 or more)

For workshops that are more than 40 minutes away from your instructor then the minimum is 15 full priced signs or $25 traveling fee. To determine the distance from an instructor click here

EVENT Deadlines:

Party links will be closed for ordering or fliers turned in 14 days before the event to ensure we have enough time to prepare everything in advance.