Q:  What is the price to paint a sign at a workshop?

A:  The prices of the majority of signs fall into the $25-80 range depending on the sign size/design.  

Q: Do I get to pick the colors I paint my sign?

A: Yes, we have over 35 paint colors to choose from along with stain. Our trained staff will also show you different painting techniques so you get the look you want. 

Q: How many people can you accommodate for my workshop?

A: 10-20 people is usually ideal. The host obviously knows how many they can handle in their own home. Each guest should have enough table space to comfortably paint. If you do expect to have more than 20 people at your party, do let us know early on so that we can plan to have additional instructors available.  

Q: Do I have to have a certain amount of guests?

A: The minimum for a party is 10  paid signs not guests. If your party does not reach that. We will first suggest you to reschedule for a later date. Then, we give you the sign kits to do on your own with instructions to guide you.

Q: Is there a minimum age to paint?

A: We recommend age 3 on up. We have kids sized signs available so that your kiddo can paint with you too. If you would like to host mommy and me workshops, birthday parties or would like to do the hand and feet painting just ask me more about it. If you want something painted by younger than age 3 I recommend less detailed pieces or the hand and foot paintings.

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: Please arrive 10-20 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to start so that we can start on time and stay on track. Anyone arriving 15 minutes late or more might have to finish it up at home or at a public event.  I have to maintain a schedule and respect everyone that arrives on time ready to work. Thanks for understanding!

Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear whatever feels most comfortable to you! Just realize you are painting. If you want to bring aprons with you that is perfectly fine.

 Q: I would like to make more than one project at the workshop. Can I buy two spots and do both projects myself?

A: Of course but there would only be enough time for TWO. Reversible signs count as two signs.  

Q: If I can’t make it, can I give my spot to a friend?

A: Of course BUT if the project you signed up for required you to pick a specific design {or give a specific letter or date…like a monogram or such} your friend would be making THAT design you picked. We MAKE all our supplies according to your reservation. If you are giving your spot to someone else, PLEASE message us ASAP to let us know.

Q: I'm not very creative. Are you sure I can do this??

A: For sure!! I will take you step by step through each project to make sure your creation is just as you imagined it would be! I welcome mommies of all skill levels!

Q: Should I bring anything?

A: Nope! I have it all covered!! ALL materials for each project are provided by us! Just bring yourself, and any food or drinks you want to enjoy.

I recommend the host to cover her tables with cheap plastic $1 table cloths just for easy cleanup.

Q: Why did the wood separate on my sign or boa a bit?

A: Because wood holds moisture, up to a half inch of shrinkage as it dries out is normal. But it won’t compromise the sign fabrication.  If your project is being displayed outside or in an area prone to moisture, we recommend that you protect it using the sealer of your choice which you can purchase at any local home improvement store.

Q: Why does my sign color look different this time when I choose the same color at each party?

A: Remember this project involves wood! As you know, no two pieces of wood are alike! Grains, texture and aging/stain is different in every piece. Because we HAND MAKE these signs using pieces from various lumber, each sign will vary in color and texture. Also each time we get a new lot of paint the coloration may vary. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: There are NO REFUND FOR WORKSHOPS! However, if you cancel with at least 48 hours notice your full reservation fee will be turned into a store credit that can ONLY be used for future workshops. If unforeseen circumstances require you to cancel in less than 48 hours, we will make a ONE TIME exception and issue you a workshop credit in the amount of HALF of your registration fee. Please private message me on Facebook or call 314-642-3160 to cancel. If you do not show up for a workshop, but have a paid reservation, you forfeit your payment. We will leave the sign and stencil with the host if a private event.