I absolutly love Mommy's Design Farm. You ladies are awesome. The girls were always willing to assist any of us with our questions and worked individually with us to help make our paintings a success, even with our large group. I am not much of an artist but found this project fairly easy. I can not wait to do another sign and may even try a take home sign just because it was so much fun!

Katie Oestereich

A few weeks ago Mommy's DeSign Farm came to Mercy to host a painting party for our coworkers. This was the second sign party I have been to with Mommy's and both have been a BLAST!! The instructors are super helpful and always a good time!! I was so happy with how my POOL sign turned out that I purchased a "Take and Make" sign that night! If you ever want a fun night out definitely get in touch with Mommy's DeSign Farm!!!!

Andrea Weber

I've done so many of these paint a pallet parties and this was by far the easiest one. No hand stenciling, no tracing, no sanding! Even those who are not crafty or artsy can do these. Can't wait to do another!!

Deandra Phillips

I've been to 3 parties now (1 of which I hosted). This is such a fun concept and we have such a great time painting our signs. It's great when someone compliments your sign and you can say you made it.

Anna Taylor

So fun! I made a doormat at a workshop and now I have a ton of ladies who want to do it too! The great thing about these workshops & parties is you are scheduling a time to get crafty and make something you've probably wanted to make for a long time but never actually invest the money & time to do it. The prices here are VERY reasonable and they have everything you need! Easy and fun! And the ladies are sweet and fun too:)

Amanda Sansone